Research and Clinical Trials


Our Center conducts a large number of research projects. The scope of research projects ranges from studies of potential neuroprotective agents for Parkinson's disease (medications that can slow progression of the disease), to novel treatment options to improve the control of PD symptoms, to investigating the role of physical therapy and other non-pharmacological interventions in the management of PD. We actively collaborate with basic scientists in the University to bring their discoveries to patient care. Every patient seen at our Center is encouraged to participate in the research projects.

The Parkinson’s disease and Movement Disorder Center is also very excited about the formation of an electronic patient “repository” or “storage bank” of information. This type of storage bank holds information collected during a clinical visit and with the patient’s permission can be used, anonymously, for future research studies. You may be asked to participate in the repository. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Clinical Trial Participation

Brain Donations

We are asking for your help in the struggle against Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. These disorders often leave us feeling helpless and frustrated as we witness the decline of our patients. Much more must be learned about these disorders before the causes can be understood and effective treatments discovered to prevent or retard the disease. Brain donation at the time of death is one of the most generous gifts a patient with PD or another movement disorder can make.

Clinicians at the Movement Disorders Center are available to answer questions. Thank you for your consideration.

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