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Neuro Palliative Care Program

Northwestern Medicine formed a multidisciplinary Neuro Palliative Care Clinic in 2017. Palliative care is care that focuses on quality of life, relief of suffering and symptom control for patients with advanced illness of any type.

In the past, this palliative care focused on hospice care, which is comfort-focused care often near the end of life and historically centered on patients with cancer. But over the past two decades, palliative care has broadened its focus to be delivered alongside more traditional disease-modifying care and to include many more medical illnesses in addition to cancer. Palliative care has been shown to improve quality of life for patients and their families with heart disease, lung disease and neurological illnesses.

My focus in the Neuro Palliative clinic may be a little more on medical approaches to pain and other symptoms and decision-making around current and future medical interventions, but I also hope to be able to explore with my interdisciplinary colleagues the ways that Parkinson’s is affecting a patient in the psychological, social and spiritual realms as well.” ”

— Palliative care physician Josh Hauser, MD

Josh Hauser, MD

Social workers are also a key provider in the Neuro Palliative Care Clinic. Speaking with a social worker during the difficult process of end-of-life planning is a great way to help guide patients and families in both navigating challenges and identifying opportunities for enhanced patient-centered care. For example, social workers can help guide discussions and answer questions for considerations like advanced directives. Social workers can also provide emotional support to patients and families during this challenging and sometimes confusing time.

If you have questions about palliative care, you can call 312-695-7950 or talk to your neurologist about a referral to the Neuro Palliative Care Clinic at Northwestern.

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To meet with one of the Northwestern Medicine clinic's movement disorders specialists, call the clinical affiliate practice phone number at 312-695-7950.

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